Un FKN Censored - Tank Top - Custom Cut w/Raw Edges

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There has never been a time with more Censorship being crammed into our brains. Everything is wrong, offensive, and CENSORED!! What happened to thick skin and being who we are and want to be. We grew up in a time in which everything goes and nothing was over the top or a shock. We would like to get back to that. 

For those that feel the same its time to live UN-FKN- CENSORED!!!

We gave it a home on our Pro-Gear Series Custom Designed Raw Edge Tanks. These Hardcore Raw Cut Tanks are by far THE softest yet most DURABLE Tank you will ever wrap around your upper body. Created to enhance your physique and built for hard training. 

Color - Black Tank/Gray Trim - Badass Color Scheme

*Product is more fitted than loose. Please utilize the sizing chart below* 

30" 31" 32" 33"
CHEST 19 1/2" 20 1/2" 21 1/2" 24"
WAIST 19" 20" 21" 22.5"


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